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You will find below all of the most commonly asked questions about our service, and Japanese Escorts services in general. Anything that is not below just contact us and we will try to best answer your questions!

That is fine, and you have a couple of options. You can either:

  • Find a love hotel (a Google search will find plenty in Tokyo). Be aware that many love hotels are not Foreigner Friendly if you don’t speak Japanese.
  • We can help arrange a rental room in the Shinbashi (next to Ginza) if you are willing to travel, or
  • You can book a room in a business hotel (LiveMax Hotels or APA Hotels are an example)

While this sounds like a simple enough question, it is a little trickier than it seems.

While it is possible to provide a recommendation based on looks, as our booking agents don’t know you personally it is hard to recommend someone that you would like (because we don’t know your type). For return customers, this of course can change as we get a better idea of what you like in your service.

We have provided step-by-step instructions for the service, from booking through the finish. Just visit our How it Works page for details.

While in some cultures it is considered the norm to ask for discounts on everything, not so much in Japan. Please do not ask for discounts, as it just makes our bookings agents uncomfortable when they have to say “No”.

Sorry, we are unable to send any additional photos over what is already on the website. This is for the girls privacy as most have “day jobs” and do not want additional photos getting out.

As soon as the girl has met with you, and your service has started, we immediately delete all details from anything that may contain it, including emails, phone contacts/logs, messaging etc.

So even if you are a frequent customer, please forgive us if we don’t recognise you, we don’t want your details getting out any more than you do.

If you want to read all the legal stuff then by all means visit our Privacy Policy.

We ask for your surname if you are staying in a hotel so that we may contact you via the hotel’s phone if we are unable to contact you via your cell/mobile phone. It is required for the lobby/reception to connect us to your room (they ask for it).

Usually, within reason. Just let us know what you might be interested in, and we will try to find the right girl for you.

While we primarily deliver to Central Tokyo hotels, we can also deliver to your house/apartment. This includes Airbnb or other vacation/holiday rentals that you may be staying in. 

There may however be a delivery fee charged depending on where it is located, and the difficulty required to get there. This will all be confirmed during the booking/reservation process.

All of our girls are very discrete, and will arrive at your hotel wearing normal, everyday clothes. No-one will be any the wiser as to why they are there.