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So you have made it this far, and you want to know what to do next. Here are some simple steps to cover off what you need to know to have the best possible time.

Before you book

We suggest that reading the FAQ is a really good place to start, as most of the questions you have have probably already been asked and answered.


Booking is very simple, either use the anonymous chat available on each page, or jump to the Contact page to find other ways to get in touch. Of course you could always use the Online Booking, but this is better for bookings a little more in advance. Messaging or calling is best if you would like a girlfriend sooner rather than later.

To complete the booking, we will need your Surname, hotel details (including room number), how long you would like to book for, and who you would like to book with. Best to have a couple of options for who you want to book with in case one is not available when you want her.

When she arrives

When she arrives, we may have to contact you if she can’t get up to your room directly (e.g. a key-card is required for the elevators). If this is the case, you will have to meet her in the lobby, usually near the elevators. Once she is in your room, please give her the payment amount that you were informed of during your booking.

Our Service

The service provided is all listed on our Service page. It will start with a shower/cleaning, and this is a required part of the service unless you have organised it with our booking agents beforehand. A waiver will normally only be granted if there are time constraints for your booking.

After the service is completed, please allow the girl 5-10 minutes of private time to clean up before she leaves.