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Your session will start with a shower together, where you will be washed and cleaned by very gentle hands. Our girlfriends will do what yours probably doesn’t, and it is a very pleasant experience.


After your shower, you will receive a light massage, with or without oil. If you prefer something a little harder just let us know. This is a full body-to-body massage, all-nude, with a lot of gentle touching.


This is the Japanese Girlfriend Experience (GFE). Akin to post-coital cuddling, your girlfriend will nestle in close while gently running her fingers over your body. It is a very loving and extremely relaxing position to be in.

The Extras

Your booking includes a blowjob, prostate massage and a happy ending. All you need do is ask and it your Girlfriend will make it happen.

Something else in mind?

We know that everyone is different, and we all have different turn-ons/offs. So please let your booking agent know if there is anything that you would like included as part of your booking and they will strive to make that happen.