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Pay With PayPal Credit Card
Step Instructions
Enter the amount you were told by your booking agent in the highlighted text box (Amount).

Click Next Step.

Enter all of the required details. Every field on this page is required except the Email Address. Enter an email address if you would like a copy of the transaction summary in your inbox.

For the phone number, this requires a Japan phone number. Either enter your hotel phone number, or just enter 08012345678.

Click the Proceed to Payment button.

A message will appear in Japanese asking you to wait while the payment is processed. It states that you should allow up to 2 minutes for this to happen.
Once successfully processed, you will be presented with payment summary. You may close the window/tab from here.

Your booking agent will be in contact with you shortly to confirm we have received the payment, and to finish up anything that needs to be done with your booking.